Capturing the Moment by @Pixtarami
Rami Dibo, a Dubai-based photographer tracing his heritage to Lebanon and Chile. From his early days, Rami was drawn to both art and tech. Despite studying engineering, his heart found its beat in photography. Since 2015, he's embarked on global adventures, seizing the beauty of 40 countries through his lens. His talent for blending artistry with technology has caught the eye of CNN Arabic, Dubai Media office, Al Jadeed and numerous Social media major accounts. Meanwhile, his captivating work has ignited a fervent following on @PixtaRami and within the vibrant NFT artist circles. But there’s more to him than meets the eye, he’s earned the moniker “moon man” for his obsession with blending the beauty of the moon with Dubai’s cityscape and other elements, seeking unique moments that mesmerize audiences.